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Herbicide Spraying-- the facts

Cape Cod for A Truly Green Nstar -- updates

Download Nstar 2014 Yearly Operational Plan including maps of spraying in your town.

Click here to Protect Cape Cod's Fragile Groundwater and Our Health.. We are OVER 4,300 signatures and growing fast. Please spread the word.You may have to try the link twice before it works.Don't give up. We aren't!

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Cape Alliance for Pesticide Education

Non-toxic strategies for a sustainable Cape Cod

Donations are greatly appreciated. GreenCAPE is an all volunteer army founded in 1998.

Only One Chance: How Environmental Pollution Impairs Brain Development --and How to Protect the Brains of the Next Generation, a book by Dr. Phillipe Grandjean is causing a stir.
Read about it and download the "brain drain list" on the GC Children's Page

Why Organic? Read 10 Reasons to Ditch Your Lawn and Garden Chemicals

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Watch Chip Osborne Explain Natural Turf at the County Commissioner’s Meeting - fast forward almost 6 minutes

Overuse of nitrogen fertilizers is everyone's problem. Cheap & easy way to cut down. Download the GreenCAPE Fertilizer Table and stop overdosing your lawn.


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This lovely watercolor was donated by local artist Nancy Cole.

The Mission of GreenCAPE is to encourage nontoxic methods of pest control, agriculture, home, garden, lawn and turf care and so eliminate hazards from our air and water. We are located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

We compile and distribute information about pesticides and their toxicity, provide information on safe alternatives, and work to eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals and their negative impact on our environment and our health.

Our mission rests upon the premise that public awareness is the most effective of all the long-term forces for influencing the health of our environment.

  Our Current Campaigns: NSTAR Right of Way Spraying | Arsenic in Playground Equipment | Pesticide-Free Schools | Safer Alternatives

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