Arsenic Levels from Cape Cod wood playsets

Scroll down to see the chart and tables. But first, the what and how's of the test itself.

The sampling protocol for the wood wipes and the soil test was developed by the University of North Carolina‚Äôs Environmental Quality Institute (EQI) which also provided the test kits and analyzed our samples.  EQI is a state-of-the-art government certified laboratory and our results have become part of a national survey on arsenic testing on wood play sets. The graph below reflects the estimated lung and bladder cancer risk plotted against our test data and based on informational materials returned with the test results. There are other health risks associated with arsenic exposure but statistical data is not available on these. The risk estimates presented can be thought of as the number of cancers expected in a group of people. These risks, calculated using standard EPA procedures, correspond to an average child playing only 3 hours per week from age one through age six on or near arsenic treated lumber. Cancer risks may be substantially higher if the child is exposed more often, purposely eats small amounts of soil, mouths the wood, gets splinters from the wood, or eats without washing his or her hands after playing on the wood.

Sample ID#      Arsenic *     Location
1153                254           Dennis Village Improvement Society Park, off Route 6A, Dennis (still using CCA wood -9/8/2015)

1160                148          Yarmouth Port Commons, off Route 6A, Yarmouth Port
1161                35.7         Wing School, Main St., Sandwich
1179                26.8         Chatham Elementary School, Depot Road, Chatham
1175                22.2         Private Deck
1180                21.0         Veterans Memorial School, Provincetown
1176                11.8         Peebles Elementary School, Bourne
1154                9.5           Barnstable/West Barnstable Elementary School, W.Barnstable (still using CCA wood/   

                                                                                                                    soil contaminated  -9/8/2015)
1151                8.1           Ezra Baker Elementary School, Dennis
1178                7.3           Orleans Elementary School, Orleans
1177                6.4           Sandwich Marina, Sandwich
1157                6.4           Marstons Mills East Elementary School, Marstons Mills
1158                4.2           Harwich Elementary School, Harwich
1156                2.7           Drummer Boy Park, Rte. 6A, Brewster
1155                2.6           Hyannis East Elementary School, Bearse's Way, Hyannis
1152                0.3           Morse Pond Elementary School, Falmouth
1159                0.3          Quashnet Elementary School, Mashpee

* expressed in micrograms per 100 square centimeters

As a result of our testing, most CCA (Copper Chromium Arsenate) treated playsets were removed and replaced with less toxic materials.  However, a few remain as noted above.  Avoid them and request their removal and replacement along with contaminated soil