Chemical Pest Control


Intelligent Pest Management

by Ellie Goldberg

Intelligent Pest Management is a pro-active, common sense approach to preventing and correcting conditions that pests need to thrive. Brain power instead of toxic chemicals saves money and prevents and controls pests -- from head lice and mice to grubs, crabgrass and cockroaches.

The most important point to remember is that you need a PLAN, not a poison.

The OLD way

Conventional pest control relies on poisons (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides).
Ignores the source of pest problems. (Allows conditions to get worse.)
Kills off beneficial plants and insects. (Makes conditions worse)
Pollutes water, soil, food and air and contaminates buildings and landscapes. (Deforms and sickens you, your pets and wildlife.)


Relies on a plan. (Don't spray 'em, outsmart 'em!)
Prevents and corrects the source of pest problems. (Enhances the quality of buildings and landscapes.)
Protects bio-diversity. (Benefits from working with nature, not against it.)
Protects the quality of water, soil, food and air. (Protects the health and the safety of our families and community.)