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Given the pesticide residues and genetically modified ingredients in most products, your best choice in food is organic.  Organic food contains no pesticides*, is better for the environment and promotes much better farming practices. We also link to companies that offer organic products.  They are listed because of word of mouth referrals.  GreenCAPE accepts no money or compensation of any kind from these companies and does not in any way endorse them or accept responsibility for their claims.  If you find that any of the companies listed are making false or misleading claims, contact us immediately at GreenCAPE and they will be removed from this page.

EPA National Organic Standards. What organic means, sidebars on children's health, pets, public health issues,...

The OMRI Products List is a directory of all products OMRI has determined are allowed for use in organic production, processing, and handling according to the National Organic Program.

Pesticides ...on our food, even after washing; our bodies, for years; ...& in our environment, traveling many miles on wind, water and dust or from your neighbor's lawn treatment or cranberry bog. Check this database to see what you're eating at WHAT'S ON MY FOOD?

Genetic engineering (GE) has become a key component of industrial agriculture. GE technology offers potential benefits, along with risks that current regulations have not addressed effectively. So far, GE solutions to food production problems haven't performed well in real-world applications, especially in comparison with less costly crop breeding and sustainable farming methods.

Learn more about genetic engineering.

Eating organic isn't just about you and me, it’s about farm worker health and their children too.

Pesticide-Induced Diseases: Birth/Fetal Effects

How does our nation’s reliance on pesticides affect the health of those who plant and harvest our food?

As this new edition of Environmental Working Group's online food database shows, government tests reveal that organic is indeed a healthier food source. You can also check the pesticides in your fruits and vegetables. There is a report and handy wallet guide, too.

Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Massachusetts.   Organic Food Guide for Massachusetts.

Organic Consumer's Association.  The OCA is a grassroots non-profit public interest organization which deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, corporate accountability, and environmental sustainability.

Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch® program helps consumers and businesses choose seafood that's caught or farmed in ways that support healthy oceans, now and for future generations.

Buy Fresh, Buy Local Cape Cod including Farmer's Markets.

Edible Cape Cod magazine.  Celebrating the abundance of local foods season by season.  Includes links to digital edition.

Got Milk? -- Got Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)
Canada and the EU have banned the use of rBGH because of significant health concerns. Recombinant BGH is used mostly in large factory scale dairy operations and is a factor in squeezing smaller dairy farmers off the land.

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*Organic food contains no added chemical residue other than that present in all food; all food contains some pesticides or other chemical toxins. These are present in the air we breathe and the water we drink. The only way to avoid them entirely is to not breathe, eat or drink. Not on my list of options.