Whats on my Food. A project of the Pesticide Action Network. What's on My Food? Scary, toxic stuff.

Beyond Pesticides.    Formerly the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides. Provides useful information on pesticides, specific pesticides, a primer on what to do in case of a pesticide emergency or improper application, alternatives to their use and much more. A truly comprehensive site.

The Rachel Carson Council.   The Rachel Carson Council promotes alternative, environmentally benign pest management strategies to encourage healthier, sustainable living.

Millions Against Monsanto.  Gee Whiz! Monsanto has genetically engineered bread to grow already sliced!! No, seriously, this page is one of many at the Organic Consumer's Association. Really good info on the harmful hijinks of Monsatan I mean Monsanto. Be sure to take a GMO blood pressure pill before reading.

Safe Cosmetics Campaign.

Safer Chemicals , Healthy Families.



Cogitate Globally, Motivate Locally.


Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow.  A citizen initiative in Massachusetts to establish new government policies to prevent harm to our health from toxic hazards.

Clean Water Action Massachusetts. Putting water first in Massachusetts.

Toxics Action Center has provided information and assistance to more than 200 neighborhood groups fighting pollution in their communities since 1987.

MassPIRG.  Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group. Operates programs addressing environmental issues, campaign finance reform, open space, anything in the public interest.

Green Decade Coalition.   An outstanding group largely responsible for Newton's IPM program and use of non-poisonous methods of pest control.

Cape Cod Organic Gardeners.  The biggest bargain -- $5 membership fee -- will get you meetings, garden tours, Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) money saving bulk order.

Northeast Organic Farming Association.  Searchable map of organic farms in our area, list of organic lawn care companies and products, much more.

Plant List for Ecological Landscapes on Cape Cod.  Town of Orleans. Comprehensive printer friendly list. Score one for Orleans!

Toxic Use Reduction Institute.  TURI researches, tests and promotes pollution prevention methods and alternatives to toxic chemicals used in Massachusetts industries and communities. Located at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, TURI is part of the State's TURA program.

Lowell Center for Sustainable Production.  Associated with the Department of Work Environment and the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Develops and promotes environmentally sound systems of production, healthy work environments and economically viable work organizations.

Sierra Club.  Cape and Islands Chapter.


U.S. EPA.   Research pesticides, global warming, toxic pollutants, endangered species.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Environmentally Preferable Products.   Take a look at what the State of Massachusetts wants used around their employees. It ain't RAID.